The Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area's only comprehensive and award-winning guide for green and sustainable living.
The green and sustainable living movement is growing.
Consumers want to make choices that:
 • Reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals
 • Help reduce our dependence on foreign oil
 • Protect the environment
 • Create healthier communities
WE REACH PEOPLE WHO CARE. Folks in Spokane and North Idaho want to find alternative building materials, local organic food and natural healthcare and they don’t want to go west of the Cascades to do it. That’s why we have created a resource guide that brings all the best green and sustainable businesses and organizations together in one resource. The Inland Northwest has an opportunity to be a leader in sustainability, our goal is to help people take advantage of it. Whether it’s agriculture, construction or alternative medicine it’s time for our region to step out on the cutting edge.

Now you can reach like-minded folks who value progressive ideas, concern for the environment, and a love of our local community. Listing and advertising in GO GREEN is a great way to let people know they have a choice.
Bill Bloom, Ad Sales

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